My Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials

Having an organised gym bag means I have no excuse for dragging the chain in the mornings. Don’t forget, that means I have everything I need once I get to the gym too. Check out my top 10 gym bag essentials so that you can enjoy your work out and be prepared for just about anything.


There were a few times I was caught out without something I needed and it threw off my whole workout because I was irritated or frustrated thinking about it, so I made this list for my fellow gym noobs.


My Top 10 Gym Bag Essentials | #gym #organised #workout #exercise


1. Water bottle

Obviously, take yourself a water bottle. I use a Tupperware 500ml bottle with a flip top lid which makes drinking and running at the same time much easier! The screw on cup at the bottom is super handy to hold keys and lip balm too


2. Snacks

I’ve found that on the days I train hard, I’m ravenous by the end of the session. I pack things like energy bars, bliss balls, trail mix and fruit for a little kick to get me through to lunch time


3. Towels

I take a bath towel for showers, and a sweat towel – this is just common courtesy, make sure you take one with you every time you go to the gym! I wash both of mine super regularly to avoid the “funky gym bag” smell.


4. Cosmetics bag

What you need in your cosmetics bag will change depending on your own circumstances, but I’d say definitely lip balm, face wipes, tampons and pads, band aids, and hair ties are necessities for a start.
If you don’t have time to shower at the gym, add some baby wipes to give yourself a quick once over, dry shampoo for sweaty hair and some BB cream. If you do plan on showering, you’ll need toiletries too, and makeup if that’s your thing.


5. Thongs

Going back to the shower necessities, if you are planning on having a shower at the gym, a pair of thongs are almost as important as a towel! Wear thongs in the shower to protect yourself.


6. Earphones and iPod

You might be happy powering on through your work out like a silent assassin, but I catch up on podcasts and listen to music while I work out. It makes the time go quicker and without it, cardio would be absolute murder


7. Pain relieving cream

Preempt aches and pains by using pain relieving cream on the areas you just worked before you leave the gym. Future You will really appreciate it!


8. Dirty and wet clothes bags

If you’re showering or getting changed at the gym, you’ll need some way to get your dirty and wet clothes home without wrecking your entire bag. I have wash bags for dirty things, and plastic bags for the wet things.


9. Spare socks

If you forget socks, get a hole in them, or accidentally wore that pair that have zero elasticity, it can throw off your whole workout (speaking from experience, you live and you learn!). I keep a spare pair of brand new socks in there just in case now


10. Soy Melts

That sounds weird, but I put a scented soy melt in my bag to make it all smell awesome (I do this trick with my clothes drawers at home too, think new school potpourri)


Have you ever been caught out without something you needed while exercising?
I’ve been caught out without the worst thing not to have at the gym – fitness!
But seriously, first day at the gym my lips were so dry. Lip balm was the first thing I thought to pack with me for the next session.
If you’re a gym goer, what would you add to this list?


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan xox


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