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When you are using a capsule wardrobe, nothing is more important than including outfit ideas that can be mixed and matched to form many different and amazing outfits, and a few essential pieces that you couldn’t do without.

For example, the Little Black Dress.


Wearing a capsule wardrobe does not mean you have to miss out on wearing beautiful outfits or enjoying fun nights out on the town. In fact, I insist that one of the essential items to have is one you can wear out for functions, dinners, dates or a night out with your ladies.


Night Out on the Town - Outfit Ideas |


I am far from a stylist, but I do have a few opinions on style when it comes to wardrobes and ladies fashion.

1. Every lady needs a Little Black Dress – black is known as one of the most flattering colours, and it’s such a classically gorgeous essential part of any woman’s closet

2. Bonus points if it is form fitting – I  know you may be thinking it isn’t right for my size or shape to be tight or body clinging, but you can show off your assets tastefully. Having a nicely tailored dress that accentuates your curves is actually incredibly attractive

3. Nude pumps. Everyone needs a pair, and I adore my peep toes. It means I can show off my painted toe nails BUT it does mean I can’t wear stockings (look, you can if you want to, but I don’t like the seam and webbed toe look). Nude pumps are so valuable because they pretty much go with everything and they’re super classy

4. Statement necklaces are one of my favourite additions to any outfit. They can dress up or down, inject a pop of colour (like the one above), and just make you feel that little more put together. The thing I love most, is that statement necklaces are cheap as chips. I generally pick mine up from Lovisa or Colette Hayman

5. Red lipstick can immediately transform an outfit. It can dress up a clean face when you don’t feel like wearing make up, or pair it with heels, a white tee and some jeans for a really classy put together look.

6. The most important thing that you can possibly wear is confidence. When you’re wearing bodycon or curve hugging clothing in particular, you need to feel confident. There is nothing worse than a beautiful lady tugging at her clothes.


If you lack confidence, try wearing the outfit around the house so that you can become more comfortable while no one is around.

Another idea is to imagine a friend has come to you with the concerns you have about your image. What would you say to her to reassure her she looks great? Now look in the mirror and tell yourself!


What do you think about my classy, sexy, night out on the town outfit inspiration?
Would you wear this to a cocktail bar or formal date night?
I’ve rocked it a few times and I must say I think it looks amazing.


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan xox


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