Keeping to a Visual Schedule + FREE Printables for adults and students

Keeping to a visual schedule is really important for me. I’m not perfect. I don’t remember every single little thing because I’m super organised. I’m super organised most of the time because I write everything down and like making lists (which in turn, makes sure I don’t forget anything!).


Keeping to a Visual Schedule | #organisation #schoolsupplies #schedule #schooltimetable #locker #freeprintables #printable #binder


I was thinking about back in the day when I had a dodgy little school timetable that my high school gave me first day of the school year, that ended up torn and ratty from folding and unfolding every day. Sticking to a schedule or timetable is so much nicer when you have something visually pleasing to look at.


Keeping to a Visual Schedule | #organisation #schoolsupplies #schedule #schooltimetable #locker #freeprintables #printable #binder


Because we didn’t have lockers in my high school, as a senior, I used to take a binder and just change out whatever I needed for that day. There’s no reason why that couldn’t be pretty too. But I never thought of it. Having a beautiful timetable on the front of my binder would have been super functional, and how good does it look on the front like that?


Keeping to a Visual Schedule | #organisation #schoolsupplies #schedule #schooltimetable #locker #freeprintables #printable #binder


I’ve talked about how important having a schedule can be before – in fact, my How to: Create a Morning and Evening Schedule post (that also has free printables) is one of my favourites – and whilst you need to find what works for you, if you’re a visual person like me, it can be hard to stick to a plain Jane diary.


You don’t need to sacrifice function or beauty when keeping to a visual schedule – you can definitely have both.


My printable schedules are an open layout so you have the freedom to add as much or as little detail as you like for each work/school day of the week. I made them in a range of 5 different colours so that you can mix it up, or choose your favourite. I particularly like the idea of using the navy one, and writing your schedule in with metallic or white markers.


Download your Free Printables Now - Keeping a Visual Schedule | #organisation #schoolsupplies #timetable #schedule

Download your FREE Work Schedule Printable here
Download your FREE Schedule Printable here
Download your FREE School Timetable Printable here



The main rule of keeping to a visual schedule is to add all important information, appointments, reminders, and social events to your schedule so you won’t forget anything, and you can be prepared for everything. There’s nothing worse than forgetting a birthday or a deadline! If you want to save paper and ink, you could do what I did and print out a schedule and laminate it. Keep a whiteboard marker and eraser around so that you can add and remove events each week.


Do you or did you have a locker at school? If the answer is yes, I’m jealous and I’d love to hear ways you made yours organised and pretty in the comments below!


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