DIY Homework and Assignment Station

Homework stations are basically a really cool (and usually portable) way to keep all the tools your child needs to complete their homework in one neat and organised spot. This year my middle child started high school and now we are regularly throwing assignments into the mix. Gone are the days of simply filling out a worksheet once a week! So I decided to create a homework and assignment station.


If you have children you may be familiar with the fact that often things are sprung on you at the last minute. Like needing to make a poster for science by tomorrow. This homework and assignment station is designed to reduce those unexpected trips to the shops for supplies and keep everything neat and organised.


DIY Homework and Assignment Station | #organisation #organising #organised #schoolorganisation #homeworkstation #schoolsupplies


What you’ll need:
  • Somewhere to store your supplies – I’m using an ikea Raskog. It has three compartments for plenty of storage, and wheels so the kids can move it around the house
  • Basic homework and assignment supplies


Supplies depend on what you need and how much you have to spend. It’s a good idea to buy a few things each week with your shopping or buy a bunch of stuff during the back to
school sales when it’s cheap.


DIY Homework and Assignment Station Raskog | #organisation #organising #organised #schoolorganisation #homeworkstation #schoolsupplies


Download your free check list, print it, add your own ideas, and cross off anything you already have or won’t need. Take the list to the shops so you don’t forget anything.




More than one child at home? It’s in your best interests to buy two of each essential to avoid arguments and excuses for why a project can’t be finished – things like scissors and glue sticks.


If you’re worried about the initial expense, have kids get their pencil case out for calculators, scissors, math sets and the like, and only supply the extras in your homework and assignment station.


DIY Homework and Assignment Station | #organisation #organising #organised #schoolorganisation #homeworkstation #schoolsupplies


Do you have a homework station at home?

What sort of things would you add to the list?


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