Easter Gift Idea for Teens

It can be so difficult to keep my boys interested in the spirit of family celebrations and holidays when they are striving to be so grown up (especially the 19 year old! That’s the only problem with kids, they grow up). Recently when I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I saw a lady share this awesome teen boy present for Easter.


Easter Gift Ideas for Teen | http://sheridananne.com #giftidea #easter #teen #teenboys


If you want to recreate this awesome Easter gift idea for teens, you can really adapt this to whatever suits you and your children, but these are the things I used to make mine:


  • Hat
  • Easter Eggs (obvs…)
  • Greater Union Gift Card
  • Can of Soft Drink
  • Homemade Brownies
  • Book
  • Cellophane & Ribbon


Easter Gift Ideas for Teens | http://sheridananne.com #easter #eastergift #giftsforteens #teenboys



Some other ideas for things you could include are:

  • iTunes Gift Card
  • PlayStation Netword Card
  • XBOX Live Card
  • Cinema Gift Card
  • Store Gift Card eg: JB HiFi, EB Games, Target
  • Gift Card to use to eat out eg: Yogurtland, McDonald’s, Cold Rock, Boost Juice
  • Phone Credit
  • Your Child’s favourite snacks and drink
  • New Pyjamas
  • Ear Phones
  • Sunglasses
  • T-Shirt or Shorts
  • Skin care
  • Deoderant
  • Nail Polish
  • Make up
  • Lip gloss
  • Face Masks
  • Jewellery (I love Lovisa for costume jewellery)
  • Gift Card for a Day Spa or Nail Salon
  • Cute Pouches (there are some especially cute pouches at Typo)
  • Clutch bag


Keep in mind this is Easter. This isn’t a birthday or Christmas, so make sure you don’t exceed your budget or go overboard. This is just an idea as an alternative to doing a huge egg hunt and buying a bunch of chocolate when your teen would probably appreciate gifts they can enjoy over the long haul more, especially gifts they can enjoy with their friends.


  1. Once you’ve gathered your supplies, arrange them neatly in the hat, or if you have something else that can be used to hold everything, put them in there.
  2. Wrap them up with cellophane, and wrap with ribbon – if this is for boys, make sure you use a “cool” and “masculine” ribbon. Blue counts, right?!


And it’s as simple as that.


Easter Gift Ideas for Teens | http://sheridananne.com #easter #eastergift #giftsforteens #teenboys


I hope your family have a great long weekend and enjoy the time celebrating Easter together, even if that long weekend includes moody teenagers!


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan xox



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