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I shared my chore chart on a Facebook organisation group last week, and a bunch of people asked me about how it works and seemed to enjoy it, so I decided to do a post on it.


It’s fairly simple. Mr 12 asked if he could start earning some pocket money – so we clarified what that would mean. It doesn’t mean you get $20 a week for no good reason other than breathing. That might sound harsh, but I think with all the gadgets and gizmos our kids have these days, we need to encourage work ethic and not entitlement. It means, you get what you have earned.


Easy DIY Chore Chart | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids



I sat down with the kids and discussed what sort of jobs they might like to do. Once we had a few little and larger jobs, I sat down with my husband and discussed how much each job would be worth.



I had seen people do a chore chart where the actual money is attached (so jealous that we don’t have $1 notes in Australia for those small jobs!), and thought that would be great for little minds.
Whilst I believe there is definitely something to teaching delayed gratification, I think that in relation to giving them praise for doing a good job, instantly getting their cash for their chores helps them relate the idea that doing well at their chores results in a cash prize at the end! Also, sometimes out of sight can be out of mind. If you have this cash literally dangling in front of them, they will be tempted to take that money. And the only way you get the cash is to complete the chore and have an adult approve the job!


That’s the background story behind why we started, how we started, and why I chose to make it using actual cash.


Now onto how I made it:

1 I bought a plain old cork board. You can get a range of types and prices from a bunch of places. I got this one from Officeworks for $30. It had 3M command strips to attach the board to the wall which was really handy


2 I typed the chore, how much it would earn, and what the chore entails, then printed each chore out. I used the online program Canva, it was super simple


3 I used my Becky Higgins corner punch on each card so the corners were rounded – definitely not important, just loved how it made these look like little Project Life cards


4 I laminated the cards. If you’re going to have yourself and kids constantly clipping and unclipping these, I’d say this is not an optional step. Unless you’re happy to make new cards every so often, of course!Chore Chart Cards | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids


5 I trimmed down the laminated cards with my Fiskars guillotine and rounded the corners

Chore Chart Card | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids


6 I used thickers to write “Work for Hire” at the top just as a fun title for the board. I used white because it stands out a little more than black or colouredWork For Hire Board | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids

7 Next, I evenly spaced out the chore cards, and inserted push pins into the cork board at the top middle where each card would go


8 Each chore card and its’ associated cash earnings are attached with a binder clip, and then the binder clip hangs on the pushpin.

Chore Cards | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids


We decided that the first time each child did each chore, I would help them and show them how to do it to my standards (within reason, based on their age and ability), and from then on they can ask questions but no one is to help them unless they can negotiate sharing their earnings with that other person.


There are no expectations, they do what they want, when they want. That is because all of these chores are, in my eyes, adult chores. Things like make your bed, keep your room tidy, get ready for school on time and brush your teeth are things that we expect from them, and responsibilities they have as part of this family. They don’t earn money from those and are expected to continuously do those things. The chore chart is where they have the opportunity to help us me out and earn money.


Chore Chart | #chorechart #parenting #chores #allowance #pocketmoney #earning #smartmoneysmartkids


So there it is, our chore chart! It’s still very new, but I really love it and the space it’s in.


What do you think?
Do you have a chore chart at home?
Tag Sheridan Anne on Facebook or Instagram so I can see a photo of yours. I’d love to see a picture of it and hear how it works for you.


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