The 100 Day Project

Hey There! I’m pretty excited about sharing this post today because I don’t want to be all “this is going to change my life”, but this is definitely going to be cool.


Recently I was on the search for some Instagram Challenges to be a part of, and someone suggested The 100 Day Project. The whole point of #The100DayProject is to document your process of making for 100 days and to share the journey on Instagram. You can read more about it >>>here<<< and follow The Great Discontent and Elle Luna on Instagram to receive updates on the challenge.

The 100 Day Project | #The100DayProject #100DaysOfLessClutter #organisation #declutter


I decided that I would focus on “making” a more organised and less cluttered home for the next 100 days! (Okay, I know it’s technically not “creating” the way they meant it, but hey). Not all organisation processes are blog worthy (shock horror!) or are just too minor to document here at Sheridan Anne so I thought this would be perfect for insta.


You can keep up with my challenge by following the hashtag #100DaysOfLessClutter.


The 100 Day Project | #organisation #declutter #100DaysOfLessClutter #The100DayProject


But if I’m going to challenge myself, I might as well do it right, right?

I subscribe to The Minimalists newsletter, and recently I received an email asking if I would like to play a game. It’s called the Minimalists Game and you can read more about it >>>here<<< but basically,  you commit to an entire month of decluttering. On the first day, you get rid of one thing, on the second day, you get rid of two things, and so on until you get to the final day and get rid of thirty things! It is supposed to be a game you play with like minded friends and whoever lasts the longest wins (and if you both make it to thirty days, you BOTH win!).


The only trick is, these items have to be out of your house by midnight that day. Typically I think most people want to save a lot of things because they think someone else could use it, or you could sell it and make a little money. This challenge is not for those items. It’s for items you can get rid of on the spot.

OR you could do what I’m doing and gathering all of those things now, attempting to sell or give these items to people who need/want them, and they will only count toward the #MinsGame on the day that they leave the house. If I can’t have them sold and picked up that day, I need to find something else I can get rid of.


(you can follow people’s journeys by checking out the hashtag #MinsGame on Instagram)


I already feel really excited about all of the things I can think of organising and decluttering for this 100 day period.


The 100 Day Project | #organisation #declutter #100DaysOfLessClutter #The100DayProject


Check back with me in 100 Days (that’s Thursday the 20th of August!) for a follow up post to share how I went, whether I succeeded or failed, and whether I think these two challenges are worth your time and efforts.


Wanna join me?

Already involved in one of these awesome challenges?

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