Stationery and Planner Accessories + Where to Store Them

I’m an active member of a few Facebook groups dedicated to planners and how people use them, layouts, stationery and planner accessories. People even do little buy/swap/sell/RAK* kind of posts there too.


Those kinds of Facebook groups are my happy place. I love building friendships there, but I joined originally for the planner porn! I’ve learnt so much about all of the different things people use to aid them in using and decorating their planners.


Stationery and Planner Accessories + Where to Store Them | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised


There are so many different items, and so many different ways to store them, but I wanted to share today just a few of my favourites.


Washi Tape –

I know that some people aren’t fans of Washi Tape and when people see my collection they say, yeah, but what do you use it for? It can be used for a bunch of projects like card making and decorating scrapbooking layouts, but I use mine mostly to decorate my planner.

I love the way that on lazy weeks I can simply use washi tape to border my weekly layout and it looks super cute instantly. There are so many different washi tape colours and patterns out there that you can mix it up as much as you like.

When you begin your washi tape addiction, it can get kind of out of control (I wrote a post on how to organise your washi tape a while ago) so it’s best if you start organising it from the get go.

There are some beautiful, delicate and functional ways to display your washi tape and keep it reasonably neat.


Store Washi Tape in Mason Jars | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

Mason Jars


Wooden Dowel Rods


Small Storage Containers

Honey We're Home Washi Storage | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organisedA Tiered Cupcake Stand


A Ribbon Holder

Project Life Cards –

I find so many planner relevant Project Life Cards in kits that I change in and out of my planner as I feel like it. I keep a “birthday” one on hand for anyone’s birthday and absolutely love to use grid cards as to do lists (which I decorate with washi tape, of course!).

There are a select few that I have laminated, leaving a small border on one side so that I can hole punch the lamination and not damage the card. I use a whiteboard marker to write on them and can just wipe off and reuse over and over again thanks to my trusty laminator!


I keep most of my planner related Project Life Cards in a plastic zip pouch in my planner, or the little zipper pocket at the front of my kikki K. If you have a big collection, or are interested in keeping them sorted by set, colour, etc. then you may prefer one of the following solutions.


ABFOL Project Life Containers  | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

Small Storage Containers


Project Life Storage - In Baskets in Original Packaging | #organisation #projectlife #projectlifestorage #organised #craftsupplies #craftstorage

Original Kit Boxes and Packets


Project Life Album

Triple the Scraps: Raskog Cart Project Life Storage | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

Raskog Trolley (which is one of my favourite storage methods for ALL of my craft supplies)

Stickers –

Great to use for decoration and for functionality. There are so many great stickers out there that will help you save time on writing a bunch of different things down, and I’ve even seen some stickers to remind you when it is bin night! (I desperately need one of these to mark down when it is recycling bin week because I’m always forgetting whether it is yellow or green bin night).

Nothing better than having your stickers organised so that when you reach for them you can grab them at a glance.


Stickers generally aren’t cheap either but can be pretty flimsy so I like to know that mine are stored properly and won’t be ruined – ain’t nobody got a craft budget for dat!


DIY Craft Pegboard | #pegboard #organisation #craftstorage #storage #craft #organised

Pegboard (my other favourite craft and stationery storage method!)

Amanda's Scraproom Sticker Storage | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

Display Folders

Quill Cottage Sticker Storage Compendium | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

File Folders 


Page Markers –

Page markers are great for just that – marking pages. I have a monthly view and a weekly view in my planner’s calendar section, so I love having lots of page markers that I can mix and match and I’m using at least two all the time. You can never have too many page markers, I always say! (actually, that’s the first time I’ve said that… but I do believe it)


I store these in the front zipper pocket of my planner, but they could just as easily be stored anywhere really. Most are pretty small.
Instead of giving you storage solution examples, I thought I’d give you examples of some cute page markers you can buy!

kikki K. Page Markers | #organisation #planner #plannersupplies #planneraddicts

kikki K. Dog and Cat Page Markers

Cute Fox Page Markers | #organisation #planner #plannersupplies #planneraddicts

Fox Page Markers (img courtesy of Etsy)

Project Life Dividers as Page Markers | #organisation #planner #plannersupplies #planneraddicts

Project Life Dividers


Are you convinced to get a planner yet? Do you see how pretty and motivational they can be? 


If you liked any of the storage methods or products I shared, please head to the links (either click on the underlined text or on the image) and let the other bloggers and companies know how much you enjoyed them!


*RAK stands for Random Act of Kindness, and in the planner world it’s where you send some super cute stationery someone’s way for no reason whatsoever.  It’s especially nice when someone posts an ISO** and someone finds that thing and RAK’s it to them.

**ISO stands for In Search Of – if you have a photo of that thing or a description of the product you can put that up in your status and other people who have one for sale or know they can get one at a store near them and post it can work out a deal whether it be, buy, sell, swap or RAK.


How do you store your planner goodies?


Click on the image below to catch up on the previous week’s and to see what next week has in store in my 5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner (+ your new organised life!) Series

5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner (+ your new organised life) | #planneraddicts #plannerd #planner #kikkikplannerlove #organisation #organising #washitape


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Sheridan Anne






I’d love some feedback. Let me know if you’ve enjoyed this planner series – I’m thinking about doing some planner layout posts and sharing some free printables. What would you like to see at Sheridan Anne?



  1. What a great article Sheridan! So indepth! Will definitely be sharing this with a few facebook groups I’m in – I know they’ll just love it 🙂

    Thanks for contributing this post to the Sunday Brunch Magazine,

    All the best,

    Eliza & Bel x
    Eliza recently posted…HOW TO STYLE A TABLEMy Profile

    • Thanks lovely! Yep, it’s my passion! I just wish I had more time for it.
      Thanks for hosting as per usual. Looking forward to seeing this months edition xox
      Sheridan recently posted…8 Great Holiday ReadsMy Profile

    • I know right!? Washi. Ahh… It just makes me so happy! Haha
      Yes. Daiso is an endless source of wonderfulness (first time I visited Daiso I became really frustrated because nothing had prices on them…..oops!)
      Sheridan recently posted…8 Great Holiday ReadsMy Profile

  2. Lovely blog! I would KILL for the kikki k dog and cat page marker!!!

    • Thanks Eugenia! The rare and beloved dog and cat page markers! They probably go for around $200 or something on ebay now, right?! If I find some in my local, I’ll get them for you!

      • How sweet of you!!! I actually splurged a ton of money and got them off ebay! Not for $200 but a lot haha. I now am off to start a never ending search of the Too Cute Paper Lovers Book!

  3. I also love Washi tape and I have been creating a lot of cute crafts with it. Many people also ask me the same thing, what I use washi tape for. I believe this guide is enough to show them a demo of many creatives that one can make. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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