Making Your Planner Work For You

Thank you for joining me again in this 5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner Series!


By now, I hope you may have started the journey to becoming a more organised and happier version of yourself. I can talk until I’m blue in the face about WHY you should use a planner, but the real importance is to use your planner effectively. It shouldn’t be effort. YOUR planner should work for YOU!


Making Your Planner Work For You | #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised


1. Decide its’ purpose

Remember when I asked you to make a list of things you needed to be organised in your life? Well any planner is just a decoration until you give it some sort of purpose. Make your planner work for you by having dedicated sections for each part of your life, work, blog, whatever. If you don’t include a section, it isn’t going to be organised. And you can’t blame your planner for that!


2. Have a system

Once you decide what you are using your planner for, it is important to develop a system for how to physically use your planner. It depends what you are using your planner for, but any urgent information, appointments, deadlines, need to be clearly outlined and somewhere that you can flick straight to in your planner (this is where a page marker comes in handy!). You don’t want to be shuffling through pages to find what you’re actually looking for.


3. Prioritise

Learning to prioritise is something valuable in life, but, in regards to scheduling your time, appointments, health commitments and the other likely things you will use your planner for, it is absolutely imperative! The whole point of using a planner is to save time – prioritising duties and the like is essential to your time management


4. Write it down

Write everything down. Even if you need to write it on a sticky note. Write it somewhere and then transfer  it to your planner when you get the chance. I don’t take my planner with me everywhere – some handbags it just doesn’t fit in. So, when I don’t, I make a note in my phone, or on a sticky note and write it in my planner the first chance I get. It’s important because sometimes our memories just can’t be trusted, am I right?!


5. Check your planner

No use having a planner if you aren’t going to check it! Leave it in a place where you are going to be using it. Whether it be open on your desk, or in your handbag to make sure you take it to work. Have it out somewhere you can see it and check it first thing to ensure you are aware of any appointments, to do’s that are on that day.


A planner is a tool of organisation. It is something that can help you empty your mind of obligations, information and important events. A tool is just something that we use. So use your planner wisely, and make it work with and for you in your everyday life. It will make all the difference.


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5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner (+ your new organised life) | #planneraddicts #plannerd #planner #kikkikplannerlove #organisation #organising #washitape


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