Why Using a Planner Will Change Your Life

The words Life Changing are often the preface for some serious exaggeration, but when I coined the title Why Using A Planner Will Change Your Life for this post, I meant it to be 100% genuine. My life has been so changed since buying (and effectively using, but we will get to that) my planner…s… yep, I have two.

Why Using A Planner Will Change Your Life | http://sheridananne.com #planneraddicts #planner #organisation #organised

Firstly, I want to start with two questions.

  1. Do you own a diary or a planner?
  2. If yes, do you use it on a daily basis to remind you of events, journal your day, or keep on a schedule?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you probably already understand how a planner can change your life.

If you answered yes you own a diary or planner but no you don’t use it daily, then you definitely need to keep reading.

If you answered no to all of the above, it’s okay. You’re here now and I’m ready to give you a basic guide over these next five weeks on all things planner.Please keep reading so I can help you become a happier and more organised you!


What is a planner? It’s essentially a type of folder that holds documents to help you plan things. It can be very similar to a diary, but it is more customisable.


I love to be organised, but with such a small home and all of the things I need to remember day to day, my life and my mind can become very easily cluttered.

Emptying my mind of all the details that I need to remember, and trusting my planner to remind me instead, leaves me feeling relieved and much happier. What’s on today? Well, I check my planner of course. The information is all there at a glance if I need it and I can be reassured that I’m not forgetting anything without having to carry that mental weight around.

That is why using a planner will change your life and make you a more organised version of you, leaving more time for the things you enjoy.


Using a planner doesn’t just affect me. It affects those around me. It means I am remembering dates. Yes, that means birthday’s too. I’m able to make notes of all sorts of important dates and events that I need to be aware of. I can even make note of great things that are happening in my life, or a wishlist of things I want to get from certain places, or books I am dying to read.


Be a Happier and More Organised Version Of You | http://sheridananne.com #organised #organisation #planner #planneraddicts


So why not just buy a plain old diary? I have nothing against a plain old diary. In fact, they’re great. And until I could afford to buy my planner, I bought myself a plain old diary and used that.

A planner is simply more versatile. Your planner will be unique to you, and is completely customisable. Most planners are bound so that you can add and remove things as you like.


My own kikki K. planner has a 6-ring binder in the centre for easy access to add my own personalised printables and to keep everything bound neatly. (make sure you come back next week for how to choose the right planner for you!)


The versatility comes in when you’re wanting a little more from your diary than just a calendar. A lot of people have various categories in their planner which means they can use it as an all purpose diary. For instance, if you’re focusing on your health, your planner allows you to include a health journal where you can write in your exercise and food for the day. You can find those printables online, print them out and add them to your planner. All of this information is kept together in your planner, rather than having a trillion notebooks holding all of these different pieces of information (although, notebooks are super pretty).


You’ll quickly find that your planner is going to become your one stop shop for a whole bunch of information. It won’t be scattered across notebooks or random rooms in the house. You need details, check your planner. Can’t remember which day was your cheat day? Head to your Health divider in your planner to see what your food diary says.  Meeting up with the girls for lunch next week? Double check the time and place in your Calendar section, and check the budget in your Finances section to make sure you’ve allocated a little spending money for your lunch.


Are you getting the picture? It may seem like just a little folder with some paper in it, but for many planner addicts out there, it can feel like so much more. My planner feels like the key to living an organised life, as it helps me pave a road to less forgetfulness and more togetherness. If you aren’t convinced on why using a planner will change your life, head back here each Tuesday for the next four articles in this series to get a little more info on how your daily life could be happier, more organised, and extra pretty (if you’re into that kind of thing!). It really is a life changing tool, the only real question is, which planner is right for me?


Come back next Tuesday and I’ll do my best to help you answer that question in my 5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner (+ your new organised life!) Series.


5 Weeks to Loving Your Planner (+ your new organised life) | http://sheridananne.com #planneraddicts #plannerd #planner #kikkikplannerlove #organisation #organising #washitape


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan Anne


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