Monday Meal Planning Madness

Monday Meal Planning Madness


Monday – Mediterranean Salad

Tuesday – Italian Sausage Paella

Wednesday – Beef Stroganoff

Thursday – Creamy Garlic Penne

Friday – Date Night!!

Saturday – Date Night!!

Sunday – Date Night!!


Um, yep. That’s right. Every night this weekend is date night. I’ll explain that later!!!!

Aaron and I are going to be bringing something new in, where we will be having date night once a month, and the other fortnight we will be having date night with a twist.  We will get take away, chill out together at home, but our main focus will be working on our budget. We will sit down each month and talk about how our month went, and how the following month will be even better!

We have a current budget in place, but a lot of our finances are changing constantly and I do most of it. I think that having a “work in progress” kind of budget that we both create together might help us to improve our financial status even more. Interested in knowing more? I’ll be sharing some pics on IG and some more info here if I get any interest so let me know in the comments below and once we have a Budget Date Night, I’ll let you know how it went and what we did.


Monday – Ham, Tomato and Cheese Jaffles

Tuesday – Tuna Pasta Bake

Wednesday – Morrocan Vegetable Stir Fry

Thursday – BBQ: Sausages, Chicken Skewers, Fried Rice, Garden Salad and Potato Salad

Friday – Pizza Night!

Saturday – Taco Night!

Sunday – Roast Chicken and Vegetables #bringbacktheSundayRoast


Lunch Box Treats:

  • Homemade Chocolate Custard – tastes just like Yogo!
  • Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Hummus with Carrot Sticks, Celery Sticks, Pretzels and Jatz



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    • Thanks Nicole!!! I made stroganoff two weeks ago in the slow cooker. I just leave out the sour cream and place into containers to freeze. When we are ready to eat, I cook fresh rice or pasta, add a dollop of sour cream to the container and heat. Saves me so much time

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