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We are just getting over Christmas and it is already straight into Back To School shopping!


You are probably already buying all the things your child will need to head back to school in just a few weeks, including lunchboxes. There are so many different options out there, and some very affordable ones too! Which is why I wanted my first “Love Thy Lunchbox” post to be all about Tupperware Lunchbox Supplies.


I am normally very budget conscious, especially when sharing here on the blog. I like to offer options that are affordable but don’t skimp on the actual value. So maybe you’re wondering why I want to talk about Tupperware considering most people relate it to a high price tag?

There are a few things that I want to share today, but the main item is a lunchbox. The Sandwich Keeper Plus is the main lunchbox that Tupperware sell. It is ordinarily $33.

The lifetime guarantee means that even if it is broken, in most cases you will be able to replace it for free. That’s more than you can say for the $10 container that you buy at Coles.

The other reason I believe that Tupperware is worth spending the money is because last year my step sons Mum had to replace their lunchboxes each term because they were broken or poor quality. If you estimate that each of those lunchboxes cost $10, that would mean that they had $40 worth of lunchboxes EACH last year. Essentially, spending a little more money than just one Tupperware lunchbox. I am sure many of you have had a similar experience.


Those are the reasons why I think Tupperware is worth the money, now let’s get to the actual products.


Sandwich Keeper Plus:

I’ve asked the Love Thy Lunchbox questions in regards to the Sandwich Keeper Plus and here’s what I’ve come up with.


Love Thy Lunchbox Checklist - Tupperware Sandwich Keeper + | http://sheridananne.com #lunchbox #lunchboxreview #LTLBox


It’s a long lunchbox, and has a bunch of room to fit all sorts of lunchbox goodies.

It isn’t insulated, so it won’t keep your kiddo’s lunch hot or cold. You can buy the accompanying insulated carry bags from Tupperware, or there are many insulated bags on the market that now fit the sandwich keeper plus. This was once an impossible find but I found them for $10 at my local grocery store just before Christmas.

With multiple compartments, it’s exactly what I love in a lunchbox. The compartment in the centre is perfect for a sandwich and there are two small compartments on one side and a large compartment on the other. All these little hidey holes are great for keeping individually made snacks so that you don’t need to waste plastic wrap and sandwich bags.

The lunchbox seals very well. Food can roll around in there but it definitely isn’t coming out in that bag (as long as the clasp has been closed, of course!).

The clasp is super easy to open, but it’s definitely a good idea to show your child how and make sure they are comfortable with it at home before they head to school.

Tupperware Range of Lunchboxes and Drink Bottles: Love Thy Lunchbox | http://sheridananne.com #lunchbox #LTLBox #sandwichkeeperplus


Sandwich Keepers:

The Sandwich Keeper Plus is a great lunchbox, but I also own the Sandwich Keeper’s (probably too many of them!) because I like to throw one of these in my handbag if I know I’ll be going out during the day. Having these to just quickly grab on the run and fit easily into my bag means that I won’t be spending money on junk food while I’m out running errands, and it also means that I know I’ll be eating a healthy balanced lunch while I’m on the go.

The Sandwich Keeper’s are currently on sale, ordinarily $64 for the set of five, the Fab Five is $49 until the 1st of February, 2015.

The Breadwinner:

I am absolutely loving this new product! The Breadwinner is a perfect little container for a bread roll, with a smidget (a small container, perfect for dressings or sauces) that actually sits in the top of The Breadwinner to keep it all together.

The clasp on this container looks exactly like the sandwich keeper and sandwich keeper plus clasp so I feel assured that it would open and close easily and seal tightly.

This set is just $32 for 2 of the roll containers, and 2 of the smidgets! I don’t own any yet, but I’m about to fix that on Wednesday… just don’t tell my husband.

Tupperware Breadwinner and Sandwich Keepers | http://sheridananne.com #LTLBox #lunchbox


 Day Packs and Lunch Bags:

Tupperware cater for kids, big kids, and the little kids too!

These day packs are perfect for day care or preschool. They come with a little back pack, a sandwich keeper, a snack cup and a drink bottle in two cute little designs. The only real question is, Froggy or Penguin?!

The lunch bags include a lunchbox with a removable divider, drink bottle and insulated bag in Fairy Princess and Pirate themes.

The Day Packs and Lunch Bags are great for your little people! Tupperware have a wonderful offer at the moment – if you buy any Lunch Set from the Monthly Catalogue during January, 2015,  you will receive a free apple keeper! I have two apple keepers and they are fabulous to throw in your handbag or school bag.

Tupperware Range of Lunchbox Packs: Love Thy Lunchbox | http://sheridananne.com #lunchbox #LTLBoxTupperware Range Apple Keeper and New Sets: Love Thy Lunchbox | http://sheridananne.com #lunchbox #LTLBox #sandwichkeeperplus

Get in touch with your Tupperware demonstrator now to order your child’s lunchbox! If you are locally from Newcastle – Sydney regions, you can also contact me at admin [at] sheridananne [dot] com to order your Tupperware for you.


I hope you enjoyed my first installment in the Love Thy Lunchbox Series! If you want to see more lunchbox related product reviews or lunchbox  recipes, head back to Sheridan Anne each second Monday!


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan Anne





Images taken from Tupperware Catalogues at http://www.tupperware.com.au



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