Simplicity by Brother Sewing Machine Range

**NOT SPONSORED – I attended a product launch and wanted to share with you these amazing products I was introduced to. As always here at, all opinions are my own. See my disclosure policy for further details**

A few weeks ago you may have seen on Facebook or Instagram that I was invited to the launch of a brand new range of sewing machines. Brother, Simplicity and Spotlight got together to make your wildest creation imaginations a reality with the Simplicity by Brother range.

Simplicity by Brother | Exclusively at Spotlight | #SimplicitybyBrother #sewing #sewingmachine #Brother #Simplicity #Spotlight

Each machine utilises some of the fabulous technology Brother has been renowned for in its’ development of sewing machines, and comes with an accompanying pattern from Simplicity to represent the level of machine you are using (and thus, your assumed skill level). Brother and Simplicity partnered up with Spotlight as an exclusive retailer and the Simplicity by Brother series has been in the making for roughly three years!


It was truly an amazing day in Sydney, the weather was beautiful, the location was fabulous and the food was divine. The best thing about attending media events is getting to catch up with bloggers you know, meet bloggers you have never met, meet representatives of companies that you may have only ever conversed with over email, and meet unexpected media guests. One of my highlights of the day was to speak to some lovely ladies from the Better Homes and Gardens magazine!

I met some wonderful people who had a lot to say about the new range of sewing machines, and a lot to demonstrate too!


There are three different models in the Simplicity by Brother range.  As it was well put by one of the members of the Brother team, they always attempt to provide a “good”, “better” and “best” model in order to meet the needs of a wider range of customers who possess a wide range of skill sets. Meet the family:



Good – The SL100

Simplicity by Brother SL100 | Exclusively at Spotlight #SimplicitybyBrother #sewing #sewingmachine #Brother #Simplicity #Spotlight


The SL100 comes with so many various features, for instance 17 stitch types, a top loading, jam resistant bobbin and a 4 step Button Hole Method.

This sewing machine comes with a button hole foot that makes sewing buttons and their accompanying holes a cinch! You’ll also receive four bobbins, a needle set, screwdriver, foot controller, operation manual, quick reference guide, a zig zag foot, a zipper foot and a pattern from Simplicity’s “Learn to Sew” range. If you still think they haven’t made it easy enough for you, they’ve included an instructional DVD too just for good measure!

This SL100 is a great entry level sewing machine for people who seriously want to start sewing and need a beginners machine that is value for money.


Prices below…

Better – The SL300Simplicity by Brother SL300 | Exclusively at Spotlight #SimplicitybyBrother #sewing #sewingmachine #Brother #Simplicity #Spotlight

It’s hard to top the SL100 – if you’d call it the optimum beginners sewing machine, you’d be right. Brother knew they needed to keep the market open to other skill levels, and that’s where the SL300 comes in. If you thought the SL100 Similarly, the SL300 has a top loading bobbin (seriously, that thing could save me a bunch of time trying to fiddle in the side of my machine and unjamming that bobbin thread grrr), 1 step Button Hole Method and 27 various stitch types on the SL300.

Guys. This thing has a needle threader! It threads the dang needle for you!

It comes with a buttonhole foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, blind stitch foot, button sewing foot, four bobbins, a needle set, screwdriver, foot controller, darning plate, operation manual, quick reference guide, project guide, soft case, and an instructional DVD. Instead of the “Learn to Sew” pattern, the SL300 comes with a Simplicity pattern from the “Easy to Sew” range.

The SL300 is a great machine for the intermediate seamstress (or seamster for the guys – wait, does that even make sense?!) who is starting to use their machine more.


Prices below…

 Best – The SL500Simplicity by Brother SL500 | Exclusively at Spotlight #SimplicitybyBrother #sewing #sewingmachine #Brother #Simplicity #Spotlight

I don’t even know what to say to you about the SL500. This computerised machine has 40 different built in stitches. Remember how the SL300 has a 1 step Button Hole Method? This one does that too, except with 5 different button hole patterns. The LCD display and electronic jog dial make choosing various stitches easier than ever!

And the SL500 threads the dang needle for you too. But forget about the needle threader just for a moment, if you can. This machine has a start and stop button. That’s right, you don’t even need a pedal. If you want one, by all means you can kick it old school, but I think the fact that this sewing machine has a stop, start and speed control button, may just be life changing. I’m talking about when you get to a corner and you need to make that last stitch just perfect before you can pivot your fabric – with the SL500 you can slow it right down to get that perfect finish (especially handy for the lead foots of the sewing world!! ahem).

I think the only thing it doesn’t do is make you a cuppa.

It comes with all of the things you get with the SL300 except instead of the “Easy to Sew” pattern, you receive an “Amazing Fit” pattern. The SL500 also comes with an overcasting foot, monogramming foot,  button fitting foot, Seam ripper, twin needle, cleaning brush, eyelet punch, screwdriver (large), screwdriver (small), spool cap (large), spool cap (medium), spool cap (small), extra spool pin, spool net,  accessory bag and a disc-shaped screwdriver – Take a breath!

This machine is going to be perfect for the more experience Fabric Wizards out there.


Prices below…


I called my husband as soon as I left the event and asked whether he’d bought me a Christmas present yet. I was relieved when he told me no (and he was relieved that I was relieved!). I proceeded to tell him how amazing these sewing machines sounded and was rattling off the specs for the SL500, convinced that if I were to get a new machine I would be going full throttle, so to speak (and also, of course, because Aaron loves to hear about sewing machine specs…)


Expect a bunch of sewing tutorials and projects coming your way, folks! Because that bad boy should be delivered any day now! For Christmas.


If you are at all interested in getting yourself one of these terrific machines (or perhaps as a Christmas gift for someone else), you may want to get yourself to Spotlight, or visit the online store now as they are currently on sale!

SL100 – $269 down to $169

SL300 – $349 down to $249

SL500 – $499 down to $399


Each machine includes a 3 year warranty!**

If you are a VIP member, you may have recently received some mail enclosing a $40 gift voucher when you spend $100 or more at Spotlight. This means you can receive an additional $40 discount on one of the Simplicity by Brother range (this voucher can also be used online).


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan Anne






**Please read further information on Product Warranty at the Brother website



  1. Hi Sheridan Anne, i loved this post about these sewing machine and I would like to ask you a really basic (almost stupid) question. I just bought (2 days ago) a SL100 and I don’t know if this machine sew jersey or other kind of stretch fabrics. I am a very begginner and I still have a lot of doubts.

    My mother-in-law was pushing me to buy a expensive one but at this moment i think a basic machine will be enough.

    What do you reckon?

    Is it possible to saw jersey in a SL100 or should I change for a SL300?

    The machine is still on the box until I decide it.

    Thank you so much.


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