Christmas DIY Gift Card Holder

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Are you giving the gift of choice this year?

If I can think of a thoughtful gift I know they’ll love, I can guarantee I’ll go for that gift over a gift card any day. But some people are hard to buy for. I know a lot of people think that giving a loved one a gift card is tacky, but I’d rather people buy something they want or need at Christmas time than give them something they are going to either keep only out of obligation or throw away.


I think the thing that puts people off using a gift card as a present is because it seems a little thoughtless.
Today I’m going to share with you how you can make giving a Gift Card this Christmas an exciting and thoughtful gift by creating a DIY gift card holder.

Christmas DIY Gift Card Holder | #christmascraft #giftcard #diy #diyproject

These can be adapted for Teacher Appreciation, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, V-Day, Birthdays, or ANY type of gift giving occasion.


First I started with some cardstock. I used some plain white and red card, but you could use any type. Red or green looks especially good if you add other embellishments so your DIY gift card holder doesn’t look too busy. (I used these plain colours because I wanted to add some Christmas themed paper to decorate)

Materials you will need to create a DIY Christmas Gift Card Holder | #giftcard #giftcardholder #Christmascraft #Christmas

The average sized gift card measures about 8.5cm x 5.4cm, but measure yours first just to make sure (all of my measurements for the remainder of the tutorial are based on an average sized gift card).


Step by Step Instructions for Christmas DIY Gift Card Holder | #christmascraft #giftcard #diy #diyproject

  1. Cut your cardstock to 12.5cm x 9.5cm. The card you use to make your “pouch” needs to be larger than the gift card so that you can stick the sides together
  2. Fold the cardstock in half like indicated in the picture. Adhere around three edges with double sided tape leaving one short side of the rectangle open – this is where you will put the gift card into when you are done
  3. Cut a small semi circle in the open end of the pouch. You only need to do this on one piece of the folded card, because the other will be stuck down to the folder. Having this little semi circle cut makes it a little easier for your gift receiver to get the gift card out.
    I used a balloon punch to make it super neat. If you have any circular punches, that will definitely help.
  4. Cut a coordinating piece of card for the folder 13.8cm x 14.8cm
    Fold in half and trim the edges how you prefer (make sure you leave enough space for the pouch!)
  5. Stick the pouch down into the folder using double sided tape.

Now that the base of your DIY gift card holder is complete, you can decorate it with whatever Christmas embellishments you may have.

Christmas DIY Gift Card Holder | #christmascraft #giftcard #diy #diyproject


Use strips of Christmas themed paper to give your DIY gift card holder an arty vibe

Or for a kitschy craft motif, use some washi tape and Christmas themed stamps

Create a more elegant gift card holder by embellishing with diamantes and pearls

Tie your DIY Gift Card Holder closed using bakers twine, ribbon, or even washi tape


Christmas DIY Gift Card Holder | #christmascraft #giftcard #diy #diyproject


Christmas Themed Washi Tape: Kmart

Pearl and Diamante Embellishments: Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion *gifted*

Ribbon: Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion *gifted*

Christmas Stamps: Bo Bunny

Christmas Themed Paper: Bo Bunny

Christmas Embellishments: Heidi Swapp

Christmas Stamps: Stampin’ Up


I like to hide these DIY gift card holders amongst the tree at Christmas time, and sometimes they aren’t even noticed until late in the afternoon; which is a fun little surprise to keep the Christmas excitement going throughout the evening.


Are you pro or anti gift card giving?


Thanks for stopping by,

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  1. What a fantastic idea! I am going to have to show this post to my Mum who is big into making cards and things. I didn’t pick up any of her craftiness or patience.

    Dropping by from the Sunday Brunch Link Party.

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