School Holiday Fun with LeapFrog

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It is officially school holidays here in NSW. Are you enjoying school holidays right now?

There are things I love and things I don’t really like about school holidays.
I enjoy spending more time with my step sons and getting to spoil them a little with our attentions and with exciting adventures.
I don’t enjoy the way my youngest says “Now we are allowed to forget everything, because it’s holiday time”. It concerns me when the first thing I’m asked in the morning is, “Can I play your iPad?”

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I jumped at the chance to be sent some LeapFrog products. You’re telling me my kids can be playing educational games and loving life at the same time? Sold.

The LeapReader is designed for 4-8 year olds and it is so easy to set up. You just plug it into the computer to charge for about an hour, and download the LeapFrog Connect Software. From here, you can use your account to purchase music, audio books and trivia challenges. As with the majority of LeapFrog toys, you can plug these devices into your computer and see the progress your child has made with your parent account too.


The LeapReader and accompanying books, adventure packs and other features are a great way to nurture positive reading habits and relationships with your children.


LeapReader Adventure Packs


So far this week we have been learning all about the Human Body, Our Solar System and The World! I’m not going to lie. The LeapReader has taught me a thing or two about the place that we call Earth. The World Map is so informative. I know that when I went to school, I didn’t learn a lot about other cultures and countries, so I feel great to be sharing that with both boys.


My Mr. 11 knows just about everything (as we all do at that age), and he teaches me a lot by explaining the things he knows and has learned. He knows more than LeapFrog, and is WAY too old for these baby toys… Even though I did manage to rope him into helping his little brother with a few things. Because he loves being right, right?! Mr. 7 just loves sharing the experience with me and asking me what I think the answer is, with a little reluctance. Pushing him to use his LeapReader to help him find the answer has made him more confident to the point where I was quite rejected! No longer necessary to have Sheridan around to help, apparently!


There were a lot of “Ewwww”’s being thrown around while we learnt about the Human Body. It was fun to have a giggle together while we learnt all sorts of proper terminologies for all of the important systems that make our body work.




School holidays are all about keeping your little ones occupied and spending extra time with them. It can be really difficult to get 1:1 time with these guys if you have younger children. Never fear. LeapFrog have many products to suit many different ages. There are so many educational imaginary play toys by LeapFrog, like the Fridge Phonics Magnetic, Mobile Med Kit and Roll and Go Rocking Horse. Not to mention the LeapReader Junior, of course! The LeapReader Junior is aimed at 1-3 year olds and has many great accompanying features to encourage reading and other preschool skills. I was sent one of these to road test and because the only little guy in my life is my nephew I asked him what he thought about the LeapReader Junior.


Button just loves his Dog – (the LeapReader Junior comes as a little puppy, you might recognise him as Scout if you are a fan of LeapFrog products!). He is 21 months old and has always loved books, which is only increased by the interaction of the LeapReader Junior. He enjoys dancing to the music in the books. There are flash cards, books and audio books that you can buy to go along with the LeapReader Junior. It is versatile enough for you to have a session of sitting and learning with your child or to keep your toddler amused with engaging sounds and images while you spend some much needed 1:1 time with your elder children.
My sister asked Button to tell me what his favourite part was, and he said “Hop, Hop!”. He loves the bunny rabbits in the sample book that comes with the LeapReader Junior and the way the LeapReader says “BOING, BOING” each time it hovers over the rabbits.


As per usual, LeapFrog have something for just about everyone! I’m always keen to trick my kids into learning AND having fun whilst doing it! It is so important to me that they flourish and try their best in everything they do and LeapFrog really helps parents set their children up for success.


I’ve been a strong ambassador for LeapFrog products ever since I became a step mum. We’ve owned the Leapster Explorer, GS, LeapPad, 2 and Ultra, amongst other various toys created by LeapFrog. It kind of makes me sad that my kids are growing out of the age brackets that these toys are aimed for.

Perhaps hubby and I will have to try for a baby? (Although all this sibling rivalry during the school holidays is enough to make me second guess that statement!)


How are you surviving the school holidays?

I find that the beautiful weather makes it much easier to enjoy the time we have and spend it wisely


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    • How is Miss Money with her reading? I was concerned that it would be detrimental (reading FOR them, and all that), but I find that with my somewhat hyperactive 7yo, it helps to keep him focused by interacting with him.
      Thanks Shelley! The boys are with their Mum for a week now, and we are picking them up again next Thursday (for our usual fortnightly visit). We had a great week but I miss them already!!!
      Sheridan recently posted…School Holiday Fun with LeapFrogMy Profile

  1. I’m loving school holidays so far – although I did have all the kids in bed by 6pm tonight as they were so tired after a few big days in a row!
    I haven’t seen the new generation of LeapPad stuff but Maya had one of the original LeapPads back in 2004/2005 and it was fantastic. I gather they’re a lot more techy these days!
    Emma Fahy Davis recently posted…Thank Full.My Profile

    • That’s a good thing, Emma! I was so surprised when my 11yo put himself to bed at 8:30 a few nights! I even went so far as to ask if he felt okay (this is the kid who yelled at me for not letting him stay up later when I put them both to bed at 11pm just over a month ago, mind you!).
      Oh yeah, the LeapPad’s are magnificent now. Mums Take Five did a review on the Ultra and there is a LeapPad3 either being released soon, or already released. They are essentially an ordinary tablet with restrictions to only children’s games, movies, music. I love that you can track their progress on the computer by plugging in the device.
      Thanks for visiting, Emma!
      Sheridan recently posted…School Holiday Fun with LeapFrogMy Profile

  2. Oh… cool I was thinking about getting these for my little guy before he starts school next year… will get onto that job on my list, thanks for the review… have a lovely school holidays. x

    • That is adorable! It is so nice when they are keen little learners. I just love all LeapFrog products. All of their interactive toys are wonderful, you really can’t go wrong.
      Thanks for stopping by, Elisa xox
      Sheridan recently posted…Monday Meal Planning MadnessMy Profile

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