Divergent Book Review

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Title: Divergent

Author: Veronica Roth

Genre: Young Adult

Series: The Divergent Trilogy




The Factions were created to put an end to war by segregating like-minded people into different sections, resulting in a perfect society. Each faction reflects a value that they uphold more than all others. Abnegation are selfless; Candor are honest; Dauntless are brave; Amity are peaceful; Erudite are intelligent.

The Choosing Ceremony is upon Beatrice Prior, where she and all of the other sixteen year olds will choose which faction they will devote their lives to.


Beatrice was born into Abnegation but doesn’t feel selfless enough. How is she to only choose one value over all the others?

When she takes her aptitude test and is told she doesn’t belong to just one of the factions, her life is changed forever. Beatrice is Divergent. She cannot trust anyone with this information – it could just end her life.

But why is being Divergent so dangerous? How will Tris ever fit in? And what secret is the Government harbouring about their not so perfect society?


WARNING: I will not reveal to you much more than you would read on the blurb of the actual book. If you don’t want to know which faction Beatrice chooses at the Choosing Ceremony, don’t read the rest of my Divergent book review!


Have you watched the movie, Equilibrium? A governing body states that the reason humans create war is due to emotions, namely, passion. So they remove any and all emotions from the people to retain order. In this same principle, the factions in the Divergent trilogy have been created to isolate the community into particular values.

In this dystopian society, most teens choose the faction they were born into. But every now and then there is a transfer. Beatrice renames herself Tris to suit her new Dauntless faction and goes through intense training as a new initiate.

I loved her strength in even the darkest times, and her show of bravery and courage. I truly believe that if Tris wasn’t Divergent, she would belong with the Dauntless faction. Tris is an amazing role model for young adults, regardless of their gender. She is loyal, kind, strong and selfless. Everything I would want my teen reading about and aspiring to be.


The defining focus of this novel is the “Divergent” characters. They are different, special, even. I’m fairly certain just about every one of us wants to have something special about us.

I know I was reading this book thinking, if I was in Tris Prior’s world, I would definitely be Divergent!

Even though being Divergent is dangerous, I think the majority of readers would relate to wanting to fit into all of the factions with all of their different facets, rather than being pigeonholed into feeling a certain way, or upholding one certain value. After all, isn’t that what makes us human?


To say I enjoyed Divergent would be an understatement. I loved the different plot line – it was refreshing to have a heroine who didn’t stumble all over herself and had courage that didn’t seem blatantly moronic like in so many other Young Adult novels these days.


In celebration of Divergent being available right now on DVD and BluRay, I am going to be sharing the film review, a makeup look, and a Divergent outfit over the next two weeks, so stay tuned!

The novel is available in most book stores. Get your copy today.


Have you read anything new or different lately?


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  1. Cool book review. The twins at work (12 years old) are so completely obsessed with Divergent at the moment. I guess it’s a pre-teen/teenager thing. First it was Twilight, then Hunger Games, then Fault in Our Stars and now Divergent. I’ve not read the book or seen the move yet (the twins are dying to have me over for a sleep over to introduce me to their obsession) but I feel like I could quote you the entire story based on my chats with them. xx
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