How To: DIY Christmas Wall Art

This is a sponsored post. All product courtesy of Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion.


DIY Christmas Wall Art

10 Bloggers were chosen to get creative with a pack of fabric, ribbon and embellishments provided by Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion and take part in the #ribbonandremnantchallenge. A big thank you to Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion for gifting me a pack!

You can join the fun and purchase your very own Ribbon and Remnant Challenge Kit >>>here<<<  I’d love to see what you come up with.


Please don’t roll your eyes at me, doing Christmas craft already! I know, it seems a little too much to some, but I just love Christmas and all the joy it brings. Doing this one Christmas Craft now means it is one less thing I need to do later on down the track, right?!


Today I’m going to share how I created this cute “JOY” sign using bits and pieces out of the ribbon and remnant challenge pack, command hooks, batting and an old wire coat hanger!



J and Y template created on Word

Ribbon and Remnant Challenge pack – Red and Green Theme 2014

Cotton Batting


Pinking Shears

Wire Coat Hanger

Metallic Ribbon

Command Hooks




1. Using Word Art on Word, print the letters J and Y to the size you want and cut out the paper letters to use as a template

2. Cut the letters out of two pieces of fabric, and one piece of batting

You should now have two fabric J’s, two fabric Y’s, one batting J and one batting Y.

3. Layer the pieces with batting in the middle, and patterned sides of fabric facing outwards i.e. wrong sides of fabric facing the batting, and pin

4. Stitch around the edges of the J and the Y. You could use a contrasting thread for a bit of visual interest

5. Use pinking shears to trim the edges which will help the letters from fraying – but be careful not to snip too close!

6. Fold a piece of ribbon in half and hand stitch onto the back of the letter so that it can be easily hung

WreathBend the coat hanger into a circle  and secure

1. Bend the clothes hanger into a circular shape.

2. Bend the hanger hook into a full circle and bend backwards. This will be how the wreath hooks onto the wall. I covered the end of the hook in metallic ribbon to give it a more finished look. Just wrap the ribbon around it and use a hot glue gun to secure.

3. Cut strips of fabric approximately 1” by 6.5”

4. Tie the strips around the wire with a simple knot, alternating patterns. This is a time consuming process, best done in front of the TV!

5. Once the coat hanger is full, move the fabric around until you are happy with the look

Scrappy Wreath

I hope you like this little tutorial. It is just so beyond simple! The best thing is, even though this is Christmas oriented, you can use the basis of this project for so many different projects by changing up the fabric on the wreath. You could make one for each season, or for special occasions, like Easter or Halloween!

Why not create your child’s name by sewing the fabric letters to use as a wall hanging?


The whole point of this #ribbonandremnantchallenge is to use bits and pieces out of the pack that Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion have sent us, pin them to our special Pinterest board, and try to get as many likes and repins as we possibly can to win a prize! If you head to my Pinterest and give me some repin love I’ll be your best friend and bake chocolate chip cookies for the next time you visit me.


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan Anne xox





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    • Haha you won’t regret it! Yeah I wished I had more of the material to make more bits and pieces

    • Thanks Shelley! So kind of you to say. I accidentally left it up after taking the photos and the boys came home from school all excited about Christmas… err, sorry guys! Not quite Chrissie yet.

    • Thanks for visiting Lauren!! As I was saying to Nanny Shecando, I didn’t let my little one cut out the letters (because of my craft OCD) but he could help tie the fabric and he made his own out of paper too

  1. Hi Sheridan.
    This is gorgeous and it looks like you used most of the fabric too. The sky is the limit with Chrissie words too! Well done.

    • Thanks Wendy!! I did. I have a little scrap left to do something with!
      So true. There are so many options.
      Thanks for visiting 🙂

  2. I love this idea and I love that you’re getting prepared early. I’m inspired to do the same now!

    • Hey there! Yes, I use as my platform and I did need a little coding knowledge, but WP makes everything so easy to work with because there are so many plugins to make everything easy. Good luck with your blog
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