Reining in the Digital Clutter

This month I am dedicating all of my organisational energy into my poor digital files. They are a mess, people!


How many of you print your photos? I take 1000’s of photos, but I don’t go back and delete the blurry ones or sort them into easy to navigate folders, to make them easily accessible to print. I’m guilty of being a crappy photo printer!

I wanted to find a solution, but there is no right or wrong way to organise your digital files. Check out a bunch of ways to organise them, and then see which system works best for you.


I made a new rule to help me enforce my pictures STAYING organised. And it’s going to hurt me. It’ll probably hurt you too if you’re a blogger, or an avid photographer.


Stop Digital Clutter in its tracks!


Under no circumstances are photos to be moved from the SD card to the computer until all of the photos on that SD card have been edited and categorised. This means that I will need to start editing and transferring them straight away after a photo shoot. For bloggers, that will mean no last minute posting and just transferring across the ones that you “need” right now.

I got all of our SD cards out and edited the photos on them. By editing, I mean the bare minimum (I am no photoshop wiz!). I rotated photos that needed it, and deleted the blurry ones that couldn’t be passed off as artsy – yes, I do that, and if you say you don’t do that… I’m fairly certain you’re lying.


My Step Mum organises her photos by date, then activity. For instance, her folders would look like this:

2014       >          January

>             Cairns Vacation

>             Garden Progress

>             Stanley’s Birthday


This is a great way to keep track of when things happened. You can ask yourself, when did we vacation in Cairns? Oh that’s right, it was January, 2014, and Ta-Dah! You’ve found your photos.


I have grouped my photos into categories and sub categories too, but kind of opposite. For example:

Birthdays             >             Aaron’s Birthday

>           2013

>             2014


There is a folder for each special event we celebrate eg: New Years, Australia Day, ANZAC Day, Easter, and we all have our own Birthday folder, with a sub category being the year. There is also a folder called Holidays, and I make the sub category something like “QLD Trip 2014”.


I like the way this works, but I have issues with in between photos. What about the photos I take where I say to Aaron, I’ll say a word, and then I’ll take a photo of both our reactions to that word. (Yep, we do that which ends in loads of ridiculous selfies on my phone).


I used to have a category called “Silly”. This is where those ended up. I was left with so many duplicates in different folders because I didn’t know where to put them. I have decided to incorporate my Step Mum’s method into my own.

So any in-betweeners go in another set of folders that I have categorised by Year and Month.


If you’re a blogger, you’ll need to tackle your blog pics too! I decided the easiest way to do this would be to look at the Categories on my blog (you might also like to use the tags). I split all my pics up into the Categories of the posts.


Meal Planning


Uncategorised (this is in case I have left anything uncategorised and wanted to generalise)


I created sub categories by Year, then Month. Pretty much all of my posts contain more than one photograph, and I always save the original photo before I have edited it with text and effects, so each post has its own folder too.

They look a little something like this:

Organising           >             2014       >             January

> SYLO – Sort Your Life Out

> Organise Your Pantry and Save $$$

How To Prep for a Rental Inspection

>             February

How We Created Our Budget

> Cleaning Schedule Free Printable


I am still going through old posts and changing the URL on photos from to, so this has made the process a little easier, rather than searching for yonks for the original photos.

And of course last, but DEFINITELY not least, this is something you will need to do once you have organised your files, and consequentially every time you upload photographs onto your computer in the future.

Back up your files regularly


This has been such a huge job, and I know it isn’t exactly the prettiest of posts because I don’t have any beautiful creative photographs to share, but next week when I untangle my tangled cords, I will include lots of photos and step by steps.




Join my Sort Your Life Out in 12 months Series to get some great tips and free printables to help organise your home. I’d love for you to feature some of your organisational projects with me and my readers, no matter what area you are organising.

(If you aren’t a blogger, I still want to see your organised spaces and projects!)

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    • Oh goodness, my phone is where so many photos go to die. I had planned to sort my photos this month since January, but last month the SD card in my phone died, so I was well and truly forced to get this sorted so that I didn’t lose all of my photos on there!!
      Thanks for visiting Eva 🙂
      Sheridan recently posted…Reining in the Digital ClutterMy Profile

  1. Oooh I’m loving this, so many good ideas here. I must admit, I’m horribly guilty of having the least organised photos ever – which means I also never getting around to printing them! Before I started blogging I used to have them all organised in iPhoto by dates and then events but now that I take loads more photos, it just never seems to get better. Will have to tackle this soon though!
    Hope recently posted…Children’s Birthdays: My Favourite ThingsMy Profile

    • I agree, Hope! My blog photos are out of control. Instagram, FB, twitter, G+, actual blog posts, the originals and the edited versions. Seriously, it was getting ridiculous. And embarrassing, when my 7yo asks why I have five photos of a chicken schnitzel on my phone haha.
      Definitely do that sooner rather than later!!
      Sheridan recently posted…Reining in the Digital ClutterMy Profile

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