DIY Shabby Flowers Headband – Red and Green Ribbon and Remnant Challenge

This is a sponsored post. All product courtesy of Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion.


I was chosen, amongst 9 other super talented bloggers, to complete a crafting challenge using a bunch of red and green crafting supplies, thanks to Sarah Lauren and Fabric Fusion.

You can read more about it >>>here<<< and if you follow me on Instagram, you saw my package arrived on Wednesday!

I have so many ideas whirling through my head on what to do with my pack of goodies but there was one item I had NO idea what to do with. One tip that I’ve learned in being organised is to Eat The Frog (attack the thing on your list that you LEAST want to do). So I decided that my first project would definitely use the shabby flowers that I wasn’t sure how to use.

DIY Shabby Flowers Headband - One Headband, Two Ways

When investigating the Fabric Fusion website to learn a little more about this brand, I saw a bunch of cool blog posts, and one was this DIY fabric covered headband post. Even though the shabby flowers wouldn’t really go over the top of a headband, I thought with a little elastic I could turn this into a headband in its’ own right!

Backstitch to secure seams


Shabby Flowers



Needle or Sewing Machine


1. Take an ordinary hair elastic and measure out the elastic to size, then cut

2. Pin the elastic on either side of the shabby flowers

3. Using your machine or a needle and thread, sew a T along the elastic, one line down the middle, and one line across the top of the elastic. Sew with the flowers facing up so that you can see and move any folds as you sew, keeping a nice and neat finish. Back stitch at the start and the end to secure the seams


This one is pretty festive and will be featuring at many a Christmas gathering this year, but it could definitely be worn when the season isn’t so jolly too. You can use it as a bun wrap, or as an actual headband.


Not only did this only take me 5 minutes, it could also be made using scraps of fabric. Cut the fabric into a rectangle, hem and use that strip in place of the shabby flowers!


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    • Thanks lovely, Aaron was absolutely cacking himself over it. I think my next poser photo will be with the remote and tripod so I am not made fun of!!!! Thanks for having me again! xox

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