How To Keep an Original Hem

For my Aussie Readers, Autumn is here! And it is finally starting to feel like jeans weather again. I pretty much live in jeans when the weather allows.


Being a super shorty means that I am a weird size. I buy pants that fit me around the waist and the legs leave enough length to cut the bottoms off and make a matching denim jacket. Which leaves me looking like the CEO of Jeanswest in my denim suit (they totally wear those right? If not.. They should! and of course, I’m completely exaggerating… and getting off topic)
I got to hemming last week because I have a pair of great Jeanswest jeans that I have owned for two years and wear constantly but still haven’t hemmed! Not to mention the four pairs of jeans I bought from Kmart for $5 each!!


I thought I’d share my method for those who need to hem their pants like myself, but would rather keep the original neat hem look. You could use this for skirts or shorts too.
1. Fold the bottom of your pants up as high as you want to go minus the natural hem and pin in place

REMEMBER: When you are pinning the bottom of your pants up, wear a pair of shoes that you would normally wear with these pants to get an idea for the appropriate length

2. Sew a straight stitch right below the original hem line. When I say right below, I mean it. You want your stitch and the original stitch to be as one!

NOTE TO SELF: If your original hem line flares out more so than the part you are sewing it to, stretch the shorter length of material as you stitch or it will end up puckered

3. Cut off the excess left at the bottom and zigzag or serge the raw edge to protect the edges from fraying

4. Flip the original hem over so that it looks like one piece of seamless fabric and iron flat to give it a more natural look


A pretty professional looking hem without spending money going to a professional tailor!
When I am sewing these hems for the kids, I generally skip step 3 and leave the excess so that I can take the hem down later if they need it.


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  1. So many great tips here. I have the same problem as you, it’s really difficult to find pants that will fit me in the length. Of course I loved it when the fashion was all about kind of ankle length pants because they of course were long enough on my to look like normal length! Sadly, I’m still not as skilled with a needle and thread so whenever I try and take them up they look super dodgy!
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    • Haha I agree Hope! Not sure what happened to my pics. I will try to upload them again tonight and it will make it a little clearer on how easy this hem is to do!!!
      You know what I love? That right now, cuffing is in!!!! Yep. Cuffing the bottom of your jeans is no longer a huge fashion faux pas, and is actually recommended when wearing ankle booties! So if you have to you could always forget the hem and just fold those suckers up??
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