Dirty Little Secrets – A Book Review

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Author: Liliana Hart

Title: Dirty Little Secrets

Genre: Murder Mystery/Romance

Series: A J.J. Graves Mystery/J.J. Graves Series


Dirty Little Secrets -- Liliana Hart


Dirty Little Secrets is all about J.J Graves, fourth generation mortician. Jaye lives in a small town in Virginia called Bloody Mary, where she also works as the King George County coroner alongside her bestie Jack Lawson. Did I mention he is the Sheriff?

Small town Bloody Mary doesn’t see a lot of murder, until one of Jaye’s friends with an abusive husband shows up dead in a ditch. Once another body is discovered, Jaye and Jack start digging and realise there is more to their little town than meets the eye.


The main protagonists are engaging and wonderful characters that you can’t help but love to love. Jaye has an air of mystery surrounding her and her parents shady past that leaves you on the edge of your seat wondering what on earth her parents were up to. Jack is irresistibly sexy and is beating the women of King George County off with a stick (almost literally), all while being haunted by something from his past as a cop on a S.W.A.T. team in Washington, DC.


Liliana Hart is a very talented writer who engaged me from the moment I opened the book (ok… from the moment I tapped “iBooks” then tapped on the “Dirty Little Secrets” icon to open the epub – first world problems, am I right?).

I have read so many books lately that have a great plot, which is the only reason I read to the end of the book. Because I want to know what happens. But as far as technique goes, their writing style makes me want to poke my eyes out with a fork. Liliana Hart is not one of these authors. Liliana tells the story of these two characters and their journey for discovery so eloquently you cannot help but be consumed and emotionally invested in this story!


What can I say? I finished Dirty Little Secrets in a day, and immediately bought the following two books in the series about a month ago. Dirty Little Secrets is currently available on iTunes under the “First in a Series: Free” category.

If you would like to read more of J.J. Graves story, you can download the second book A Dirty Shame and the third book Dirty Rotten Scoundrel from iTunes for just $4.99 each. I have just discovered that there is a fourth book, Down and Dirty, with an expected release date of 25th of November this year. I am so super excited to read it (hurry up November!) and will definitely be posting more on the series in the future.


You can check out the J.J. Graves Murder Series and all of Liliana Hart’s other publications >>>here<<<


I’d love to hear what you thought of the book if you’ve read it.

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    • I am a complete bookworm though Lizzy!
      Me too! I love trying to guess “who dunnit”.
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    • Oh you definitely need to get into iBooks! There are a lot of cheap and free books on iBooks. The only thing I miss is having a physical book on the bookshelf. Sometimes it is comforting to have an actual book with pages to turn, but having a bunch of books conveniently on my iPad is also pretty awesome. Thanks for visiting Tat!
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