Life After Hell – A Book Review

This is a sponsored post. An electronic copy of the book was gifted for the purpose of review.


Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am an absolute book worm. I love to read and always have.


Book Review

I’ve had a thing for autobiographies since I read A Child Called It by Dave Pelzer when I was in my very early teens (I was possibly even what you would call at “tween”).
When I saw that Gladys Quintal wanted someone to review her autobiography, Life After Hell: Surviving Sexual Abuse, I jumped at the chance. I spoke with Gladys on Sunday afternoon and she sent me the book almost immediately. I had finished the book by Monday lunchtime.


I think part of the reason why I love autobiographies so much is because they aren’t stories to inspire your imagination. They are the accounts of real, live people.

But that is also what can make them so disturbing.

I warn you. This book is not for the faint hearted. Life After Hell is the tale of how Gladys survived a childhood of abuse and betrayal from the two people who above all were supposed to love her unconditionally and protect her until their dying breath. Her parents.

Gladys and her younger brother were physically, verbally, mentally and sexually abused by their stepfather. Their mother turned a blind eye and even went as far as to blame her 10 year old daughter for seducing this poor excuse for a pseudo father.

My heart broke with Gladys, my hopes were dashed time and time again as she shared her anguish, I became enraged at her mother for being so selfish and ignorant and I felt elated when reading of Gladys’ bravery to make a stand against the monster who violated the sacred relationship between adult and child.


I feel weird saying I enjoyed this book. I’m not a sadist and I don’t enjoy the thought of children being abused and the vivid imagery that Gladys used… well, unpleasant doesn’t even begin to cover it. So instead I will say it was well written and extremely personal. Those are two things that I think are necessary in an autobiography.  The vulnerability and raw feeling in this book connected you to the author on a level that many of us don’t experience in our day to day lives. Speaking out about child abuse would not be easy, and it is something that is very close to my heart. The courage to write this book would have been positively overwhelming and for that alone, I have endless respect for Gladys.

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If these kinds of books are too upsetting for you then this will be a difficult read, but if you can bear to read on you will discover that Life After Hell is truly a tale of survival

If you need help call Lifeline’s 24 Hour Crisis Hotline on 13 11 14

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the ebook for reviewal purposes. All opinions are 100% my own as is my synopsis of the book.

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