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Happy Tuesday People!!!!

I am on a mission this year to organise my life. This month has been all about editing our budget and revamping my household and blogging binder. So far, I’ve shared how we created our budgetmy blogging binder and if you caught my Meal Planning post yesterday, you’d know that on Thursday I’m sharing my household binder with you too (more free printables guys!).


Today I wanted to share my Cleaning Schedule. Obviously, this may not work for you. You might have other odd jobs that you need to add or maybe you have less to do because you have people helping you out with certain things.

I have a copy in my binder I can refer to all the time, but I also have a laminated copy that I can mark off as I go. It just helps to keep me focused on getting it all done, especially the monthly/quarterly jobs.


Click on the images below to download your PDF copy

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable | #freeprintable #printable #CleaningSchedule

Cleaning Schedule Free Printable | #freeprintable #printable #CleaningSchedule

You may be puzzled as to why I don’t have laundry on the list. We pretty much do laundry whenever there is a pile. And when I say “we”, I mean pretty much always my hubby. That is his job. Washing, Folding and Putting Away (well, I put away my own clothes, but that’s because I am pedantic about where they go..). I do the bathmats and hand towels once a week to make sure they are rotated that often, but otherwise I’m a pretty lucky lady.


Just click on the images and save to your computer or smart device.

I hope these come in handy. If you have completely different jobs in your cleaning schedule it may be helpful just structure wise on how to go about creating your own cleaning schedule.


Do you have a cleaning schedule or do you just clean as things need cleaning?

(if I cleaned as things needed cleaning, I’d probably never do it. I am Queen of Procrastination lol)


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    • Oh definitely!!! Two little step sons make for grubby light switches and doorways lol
      Thanks for visiting, Emily!

  1. Great schedule you have there and how wonderful to have a husband that takes care of the washing!

    Leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses from #teamIBOT

    • I’ll say! Haha. Don’t tell him I’m lucky or he’ll go back to doing… well… nothing.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving some fairy wishes and butterfly kisses, Rhianna

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