How to Prep for a Rental Inspection

 This is a sponsored post. DC59 vacuum cleaner courtesy of Dyson for the purpose of a trial.


Obviously I am overly excited to build our house for many reasons, but one of those is that I will never need to have a rental inspection ever again! (Well that is the plan anyway).

We have one this week and to be honest, I am starting to get frustrated that this quarterly event continuously occurs during the school holidays and it always happens to be the week that the boys are spending with us. Is my Real Estate trying to make me look like a wicked, evil step mother!?

How To Prep For a Rental Inspection

Instead of losing my tiny mind, I thought I’d share my tips on How To Prep for a Rental Inspection!
These tips don’t only apply to renters. They could help you in any speed cleaning emergency, or when you just received word that you’d be having unexpected guests visit on the weekend.

1. Keep yourself Organised
Obviously, if you are already organised to begin with, by the time the inspection comes around all you will need to do is a quick tidy. Professional cleaners don’t have to wade through a bunch of crap to deep clean your house, and neither should you! It makes the entire process take a lot longer than it should. Follow along with my SYLO series to make 2014 an organised year!

2. Get Help!
If you have a house mate, partner, children or anyone at all cohabitating with you please don’t try to do it all yourself. Get them to help you! Sometimes it may take longer but people really do need to learn the responsibility of picking up after themselves. My 1 year old nephew picks up his own toys because my sister turns it into a game!
If you live alone, ask your bestie or a relo over and hand them the vacuum in exchange for a glass of red or some spag bol.

3. Forget Deep Cleaning this week
Let’s face it, house inspections are fairly superficial. They want to see that you are taking good care of the place. They aren’t inspecting every window sill, or opening every cupboard to make sure you have disinfected every surface in your home (unless you have a seriously strict real estate?).
My weekly cleaning schedule clearly states that certain deep cleaning needs to be happening on a weekly basis.  If you can get away without doing it so that you can prioritise some other jobs that your agent will be focusing on, please do! Don’t work yourself to the bone. You can catch up next week.

4. Never Leave a Room Empty Handed
At the end of last year, I shared one of my FAVE cleaning tips. Never Leave a Room Empty Handed. You will save so much time, and you will be cleaning, just by walking back and forth in your house. Doing this the entire week before your inspection will help with #1 Keeping yourself Organised, so you don’t have to clean around “stuff”.

Never Leave a Room Empty Handed

5. Keep your Little Ones Occupied
You do not want to be the Grinch and stop your kids from playing with their toys just for the sake of having some stranger walk through your home and judge whether you have kept it clean enough for their standards (did THAT comment sound judgemental? I’m sure all real estate agents aren’t like that but I have found that some most definitely are…). Think of ways that they can play without giving you a coronary over the mess they make. Perhaps you could give them special video game time, a movie day (complete with popcorn of course), have a totem tennis competition, do some gardening, or even picnic out in your backyard. Maybe you need to organise a visit with Nanny and Poppy. At the end of the day, if you want to you can leave the house entirely, but I don’t really like to leave while they inspect our house. I find it slightly weird. (Just me?)

6. Make your Bed
I know it sounds trivial, but hey if it is on Martha Stewart’s list of 6 things to do every day, I am all for it (Martha Stewart fan! Guilty as charged). Making your bed makes the entire bedroom look 10x cleaner. Nobody normally inspects your bedroom so it wouldn’t normally matter, but today they are! It doesn’t have to be perfect with hospital corners and all, but it certainly can’t look like you’ve been wrestling a crocodile on there!

7. Vacuum Morning of the Inspection
Vacuuming has a way of making your house look fresh and spotless. If you have filthy carpets it brings the whole room down. My carpet is cream.. (because that’s a great colour for a rental! Not!) and it stains so easily, but as soon as I give it a vacuum it manages to make the entire room feel tidier!
I own the DC39 Animal which gets a run once a week and is absolutely amazing. The turbo head collects all my hair (I moult like crazy and it drives everyone crazy AND it makes the carpet look dirty, not to mention it is a little gross).
You don’t think a cord slows you down but it seriously does. Dyson sent me the DC59 cordless Dyson to trial and it only takes me 3 minutes to give my entire loungeroom a spot vacuum (no moving of furniture) and a full vacuum of my hallway! This is perfect for morning of vacuuming.
8. Wash Up and Wipe down benches Morning of the Inspection (+ “extra, super, don’t reveal to anyone, top secret” secret I use all the time!)
After everyone has brekky that morning, make sure you give your breakfast bench or dining table and the bench you used to prepare a good wipe down. Wash up and leave everything to dry in the rack. Nothing says I’m taking care of your house like a fresh kitchen.
If you have a dishwasher, at least put the dishes in there so they are out of sight.
I don’t own a dishwasher… so if I know that I have absolutely no time to wash up or have anyone else wash up for me, I hide my dirty dishes in my oven… yep, you read correctly. That is my super secret tip for unexpected guests, or inspections when you just don’t have time. (Make sure you don’t forget they are in there!)


I hope you enjoyed this post, as much as I enjoyed procrastinating from my cleaning by writing it!!

What is your top speed cleaning tip that helps you get through moments like these?


Thanks for stopping by,

Sheridan Anne xox





Dyson have kindly sent me the DC59 to trial with the option to buy at the end of the trial period (which I am very excited to do if I can convince hubby we need ANOTHER vacuum valued at 8 weeks’ worth of groceries!). All opinions whilst raving about Dyson vacuums are entirely my own, as you probably understand if you have previously or currently own one yourself.
My DC39 Animal does not need replacing, I have just found since trialing the DC59 that my house is being vacuumed on a more regular basis because it is very convenient (it would be ideal for people like my sister who have a young baby and need to vacuum on the daily). I still plan on using my DC39 Animal for my weekly vacuum of the entire house, do not fear that there is a poor Dyson rotting away at the bottom of my linen cupboard

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  1. Excellent tips! We own a mortgage, so fortunately don’t have to go through the rental inspection, but I really appreciate the cleaning tips – especially don’t leave a room empty handed!
    So glad I found your blog – always nice to read something written by another step mum

  2. We are renting but have never once had a rental inspection! If they do one I’ll be stuffed. I do like the idea of deep cleaning one thing a week. I should really do that cause my house is shocking. Well not really, but compared to some people’s it is

    • We had one after 6 months then not a one for about three years!! Now we have a new agent and she loves to come visit us every three months.. Bleh.
      Our house is clean but very cluttered. We just own too much stuff!!,

  3. Not really a cleaning tip but if you don’t have to bring anything up with the Real Estate then go out for the morning or whenever they are coming. It makes it so much easier to keep the house clean. I am so glad that I don’t have to deal with over zealous agents anymore!

  4. I have an inspection coming up in October. I always have dishes on the sink.(I think they multiply during the night). Your super secret trick will probably come into play because it doesn’t seem to matter how many times a day I wash up, they still seem to appear, be it a cup from my son that was hidden down the side of the sofa or a plate he’d taken outside to play with(I don’t know why, he’s three. Need I say more?)
    Love your blog too:)

    • They do multiply, don’t they!? There is always a random cup in our bedroom or an assortment of crockery in the teenagers room! Of course, Threenager’s dance to their own tune too.
      Thank you so much, Dannette! xox
      Sheridan recently posted…Divergent Book ReviewMy Profile

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