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I am no fashionista. Most of my clothes are second hand, thrifted or bought from a clearance rack. I am fairly tight when it comes to money, but I do love clothes, shoes and bags.
Which is why every time I come to QLD I visit HarbourTown and the Ashmore Outlets.
 I put a photo up on my Instagram yesterday saying I would share on the blog today what I bought from Kate Hill.
These two babies came home with me the other day. They are both leather so they would have ordinarily cost $149 each. 
Both bags have tonnes of little pockets for phones, iPods, nail files, lipgloss, pepper spray and all of the other essentials you may or may not carry (totally kidding, I don’t have pepper spray in my bag. I just keep a house brick in there.)

Seriously! This thing has so many nooks and crannys I won’t know where to find all of my junk!

The coral bag even has a larger compartment in the middle. This will be perfect for all of the random items I love to carry around (yes I keep tweezers and alcohol sanitiser in my bag)
Kate Hill has a sale right now, buy two items and *get the lesser valued item for 50% off. I also just found out they have free shipping with all online orders
Just a quiet disclaimer, I am a long time admirer, first time purchaser of Kate Hill products. I bought these bags with my own money! Kate Hill has nothing to do with this post, apart from being loved by me.

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