Stitching up Teddies – How To: The Ladder Stitch

All Parents Should Know This!!

I don’t actually know how many times I have used this stitch over the past four years I’ve been involved in my step kids lives but I count it as a blessing I know how to stitch teddies like a bought one. I could practically work at the teddy hospital!

Invisible stitch, slip stitch, ladder stitch. Whatever you call it, it is a life saver when your fave teddy comes unstitched.

(In the pictures I have used bright blue thread to help you see my stitching)
The reason this is also referred to as a ladder stitch is because it does end up looking like a ladder

1. Thread your needle and knot the end

2. Insert your threaded needle through the fabric from the inside of the teddy

3. Directly on the other side of the hole, insert the needle through the fabric to the inside of the teddy and pull the thread to the outside of the teddy (still on the same side of the hole)

4. Insert the needle over the other side of the hole and pull it out on that same side
5. Repeat this until you reach the end of the hole

It should end up looking like this, hence why it is referred to as the “Ladder” stitch

6. Tie off the thread but don’t cut it
7. To hide the tail of the thread, insert the needle for around 2cms. Pull out the needle and thread. When you pull the thread tightly and cut it the tail will remain inside your teddy (or otherwise stuffed object)

This stitch can be quite handy for a number of things including patching up cushions that have had a blow out.

Do your kids have favourite teddies that have been stitched/patched/restuffed a gazillion times because they can’t be thrown out?

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  1. Oh this is going to come in so handy. I’m bookmarking this post to use at a later date. I have a feeling it’s going to get a lot of use as little Viv gets older. Especially seeing as I’m not at all good with a needle and thread, I’m going to need all the guidance I can get!
    Hope recently posted…This Six Year Old Calls People FatMy Profile

    • Oh it most certainly will! I have used it countless times and always keep spare stuffing on hand just in case.. especially with the boys (super rough with their poor teddies). Thanks for stopping by lovely

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