Scissors, Paper, Rock, Whatever!

We were in the car the other week with Aaron's 10 and 7 year old sons. I just loved hearing their game of "Scissors, Paper, Rock, Whatever" in the back of the car. Have you played before? Played much like the traditional "Scissors, Paper, Rock" but as I'm sure you can guess, in this version of the game you can be scissors, paper, rock or whatever!   One chidlet decided to be a Rock Monster, the other was a Sun That Burns Rock Monsters. The Sun started to chase the Rock Monster, to which Read more [...]

Travelling with a Big Family and How to Pack Lightly

The School Holidays have begun here in New South Wales! It is time for family activities, Easter Egg hunts, family outings, and for some of us, travel. Aaron's youngest boys spend half of the holidays with their Mum and half with us, and we are spending our week in Tasmania for my Mum's wedding this Thursday! Yesterday we hopped a plane down. It was Daniel and Jesse's first plane trip. Did you see their plane selfie on Instagram?   When you are taking five people you definitely need Read more [...]

(Peanut Butter and) Chocolate Brownie Recipe

I keep mentioning sweet treats on my social media and in My Gratitude (b)Log! Everyone seems really into brownies and peanut butter mixed with chocolate right now (I've been a fan of peanut butter and chocolate circa 1994 when Mum would make Chocolate Spiders!), so why not combine the two?!   [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:1] Do you love Peanut Butter and Chocolate mixed together? #rateitorhateit   Thanks for stopping by, Read more [...]

Desk and Craft Organisation

Organisation is on the brain right now! I have to admit, my craft area has been a more difficult task than I thought. I have resorted to a DIY project to organise some of my crafting supplies even though I was REALLY against it to begin with. More on that next week.   For now I wanted to show you a few ways that I have organised my crafts, because I know they will be useful to you whether you are crafty or just need some form of order on your desk.   Firstly, I feel the need Read more [...]

Have You Ever Had a Lyrical Misfire?

This is a Precautionary Tale: Don't tell your husband your secrets. He may just share them with his 7 year old. Who will taunt you with them for many days to come!   Today I'm asking if you've ever had what I like to call a Lyrical Misfire. There are a few different types of Lyrical Misfires.       Each option generally ends with embarrassed giggles and hand over mouth syndrome!   Maybe you don't realise you're singing the wrong words until you're singing Read more [...]

Monday Meal Planning Madness

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  I usually meal plan on a fortnightly basis, but we are going away for the first week of the school holidays, so I am only planning this week ahead. We are heading over to Tasmania for my Mum's wedding and I am really excited!   Monday - Chicken Pasta Bake leftovers Tuesday - BBQ Sausages, Steak served with Garden Salad and Potato Salad Wednesday - Lamb Rissoles served with Garden Salad and Creamy Mashed Potato Thursday - Chicken Curry Pasta Friday - Leftovers Saturday Read more [...]

Nourished Courtyard Cafe – Review

Today is a really special day! If you follow along with my social media pages, you already know that it's my sister's birthday today.   I'm sure many of you can relate. For my sister, being Mum to a one year old, the day was originally going to be filled with nothing but running around after my nephew and having him  "take mummy out to lunch". I decided to be third wheel on that date, and Bec's mother in law is going to take my nephew, The Button, in the afternoon so that my Read more [...]